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We are pleased to provide you with this online marketing guide about the Tabletops Gallery brand. It is our intention to fully acquaint you with the individuality of the Tabletops Gallery brand and equip you with the guidelines for successfully communicating the brand's unique characteristics to the marketplace. By using the following links on the left you will find the story behind the brand, its positioning, where it fits in the market, its goal, and its appropriate placement within the competitive landscape. In addition, you will find standards related to key marketing messaging, logo usage, and messaging FAQ's.

Hand painted craftsmanship, artfully captured lifestyle trends, and great value are the hallmarks of Tabletops Gallery and are its key market differentiation. It is our hope that as you familiarize yourself with this online documentation you will have the messaging tools you need to effectively communicate Tabletops Gallery to its best advantage.




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Leveraging Our Brand to create a
           sustainable competitive advantage.

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